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Renal Diet Cookbook

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    Renal Diet Cookbook
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    Have you been diagnosed with a kidney problem? Or just worried about your kidney and you want to avoid dialysis or getting a kidney transplant. The Renal diet is one that is low in protein, sodium and phosphorous. This book provides patients with information to have a better understanding of the overall function of the kidney, various causes and treatment of kidney disease or failure, with essential nutrition guide to manage and improve kidney disease plus diet information such as dairy choice with phosphorus, sodium, fruit with low potassium and many more.
    Featuring in this Kidney disease cookbook:
    An over view of kidney disease
    Some of the factors that cause Kidney Disease
    Early Symptoms of kidney disease
    The right way of eating for chronic kidney disease
    Top food choices with their sodium, phosphorus and potassium contents for a kidney diet
    Helpful nutritional facts for discovering a diet that works for you
    More than 100 delicious and healthy recipes to meet your nutritional needs
    This cookbook stress the importance of sticking to a strict diet plan to keep your kidney functioning properly.
    Good nutrition advice from an expert for, renal diet, renal failure, kidney disease diet, renal diet plan etc. Make a commitment today, it's your right to live healthy. Don't scroll without buying a copy

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    TítuloRenal Diet Cookbook
    SubtítuloUltimate Guide To Low Sodium, Low Potassium, Healthy Kidney Cookbook to Manage Kidney Disease and Avoid Dialysis
    AutorSusan Evans
    Año de Edición2021
    Núm. Páginas82
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