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Casarotto delivers to his reader something really powerful: an opportunity of awareness, self-discovery, and evaluation, capable of enhancing those who already were seeking changes, as well as awakening to the virtues those who were asleep. In both cases, it delivers the state of surveillance with regard to the attitudes we print every day in the universe around us, making us critics of ourselves and aware about how much we need to evolve, which is already worth it. From the day I made contact with this content, many things changed direction, while others became irrelevant. This is a book for who seeks "tiding their closets" by getting rid of everything that has been built up during years of conditioning and addictions and that is heavy, superfluous, takes up space and needs to be disposed of, resting what really matters: a state of lightness capable of enriching the way we see and deal with the other and the world. When we really work hard on this cleaning, what is left is the understanding that we are privileged by the simple fact that we have a life, which is something great and invaluable. Casarotto directs his years of research, studies, and conclusions to people who are humble to recognize that they have a little knowledge, that they have much to learn, and that they will help to build a new world that day by day becomes more necessary and urgent. I hope that they are many.
Ari Nicolosi


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Edu Casão
Being More Human
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Revolution Towards Virtues
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<p>With over two decades developing research and studies in the field of human development, graduated more than 350 students in psychoanalysis, a passionate about the office, Eduardo Casarotto is, first and foremost, a social activist who fights for the evolution of virtues, a topic already addressed by more than 5,000 religions, but now, presented from the scientific point of view and also artistically for their compositions, scripts and shows.<br>Whether in the form of music, book, course, lecture, documentary, Casarotto uses all the tools at his disposal and leads the virtue revolution movement with many other artists, composers, philosophers, religious leaders and all the people who have chosen to fight for it. Ideally, the path for humanity to progress is through the evolution of virtues.<br>A social movement that aims to arouse people to overcome all kinds of behavior based on selfishness and pride, such as the need for power, envy, pride, arrogance, anger, and so many others that lead to inequality, abandonment, intolerance and lack of love for others and which are the biggest reason we have so many global social problems.<br><br>Eduardo Casarotto<br>Being more human</p>
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ISBN: 9788591890644
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