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Rodion Shchedrin

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    Rodion Shchedrin
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    Rodion Shchedrin is internationally recognized as the pre-eminent contemporary composer of the Russian modern school. His autobiography looks back over an eventful life and provides a variety of stimulating insights behind the facade of the international music scene. Along the way Shchedrin elaborates highly personal views on the political situation and many other aspects of life in the former Soviet Union, turning an unsparing eye on the machinery of ideological repression exerted on artists as they struggled to interpret and conform to the constantly mutating diktats of the regime. A wealth of anecdotes and humorous observations offer the reader glimpses of the author's essentially sanguine and life-enhancing disposition.

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    TítuloRodion Shchedrin
    SubtítuloAutobiographical Memories
    AutorRodion Shchedrin, Anthony Phillips
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    Rodion Shchedrin was born in Moscow in 1932. He studied composition and piano at the Moscow Conservatoire and quickly made his way to international recognition in both disciplines. His ballets, symphonic works, piano concertos and chamber music compositions are regularly performed in the leading theatres and concert halls of the world. Rodion Shchedrin and his wife, the prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, today make their homes in Moscow and Munich, shuttling between the two although, as Shchedrin prepares to enter his ninth decade of life, his ceaseless travels around the globe show no sign of diminishing.

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    My Genealogical Tree - Childhood - Return to Moscow - The Choral Institute - Conservatoire - The World Around - In Search of Folk-Music - Three Successes - Cinematc Myths and the Death of my Father - Maya Plistskaya - Some Sinners and Saints - First Opera - Were There Musical Dissidents in the Former Soviet Union - Establishment Composers - Carmen Suite - Poetoria, the Prague Spring and the Lenin Oratorio - Dead Souls - Who is a Composer - How I Found Myself Occupying Shostakovich's Chair - Perestroika Years - The Tale of The Twelve Months - Lolita - People Throw Stones Only at Apple Trees with Apples on Them - Working with Lorin Maazel - 11 September 2001 and Mariss Jansons - Instrumental Concertos - The Sealed Angel in Berlin - Working Days, High Days and Holidays - Why Munich - Boyarinya Morozova - Post Scriptum - List of Compositions - Index

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