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    You don't have to wonder anymore what to do each day! This book will organize your running life, telling you what to run (with other optional exercises) throughout the year to prepare for the goal of your choice - even if you want to be a more consistent runner. With each week's workouts, you'll receive a motivational tip, with suggestions about how to increase your running enjoyment.

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    SubtítuloA Year Round Plan
    AutorJeff Galloway
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    Jeff Galloway has run in the Olympics and has coached over 150,000 people. Here, he reveals the plans used by his highly successful runners, which any person can follow in a minimum of time compared to other training programs. Whether you just want to make it around your block, or you\'re training for a marathon, this book will provide the motivation, and tell you whether a goal is realistic. With A Year Round Plan you will follow the specific workouts needed to get you ready for your challenge.

    Año de Edición2005
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