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    Welcome to the scary House Of Mazes, Chilling Spine Series...
    This is actually Book 3. But I have added a few other books inside to give you a bit of a sneak peak at some other really great series I am in the process of publishing.

    Book 1 is the new Book 3 of: HOUSE OF MAZES called Glorified. 
    Book 2 is MATRIX: The End Of Days. This book is actually the continuation from the first MATRIX book called: The Universe Of Chaos.  
    Book 3 is from a series I call THE TRAVELOR: Buzz Kill. He is a lot like Doctor Who in that he travels the universe putting right what was once wronged. He comes from a planet known as Ayanna and he can change his form like a chameleon, when in terrible danger.  
    Book 4 is called: MARIONETTES: Cherubim. It is about a bunch of puppets that seem to have a life all their own. You will absolutely be SCI-FIED, when you are done!

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    SubtítuloHouse Of Mazes 3
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