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Setting boundaries for adults


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Setting boundaries for adults
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Set a boundary today!
This book is about boundaries and territories for adults regarding the private and professional areas of daily cohabitation
and collaboration. It should help people who do not know how to set boundaries and to say NO. Furthermore, several suggestions
and exercises to solve problems with boundaries and territories of others are being offered. As the 29 stories in the book deal
with real-life stories, one can easily identify with the particular problems.

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TítuloSetting boundaries for adults
AutorDr. August Höglinger
Biografía del Autor

August Höglinger
Born in 1955, studied computer science and business administration. He was working as an executive in the economy for 15 years and as a coach. Since 1996, he is an independent
management coach for executives in companies and an author

Año de Edición2015
Núm. Páginas144
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