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Stray Leaves From An Arctic Journal (Illustrated)

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    Stray Leaves From An Arctic Journal (Illustrated)
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    By the middle of the nineteenth century, the goal of the North-West Passage had claimed the lives of many explorers, yet the disappearance of the expedition led by Sir John Franklin occasioned the greatest response. Naval officer Sherard Osborn (1822?75) took part in the search mission of 1850?1 under Horatio Thomas Austin. Osborn was appointed to command the Pioneer, one of two steam tenders on the voyage. This was the first time such vessels had been deployed in the punishing conditions of the Arctic. Such was their success in cutting through ice and navigating the treacherous waters that similar models were later adopted by the whaling fleet. The present work, first published in 1852, gives a compelling account of the hardships of the expedition, which was successful in its surveying work and confirmed that Franklin had not been lost in Baffin Bay.

    Minor fact - Of the 2 ships sailed in one was the "Resolute" - this was later made into 2 desks by Queen Victoria on in Buckingham Palace to this day and the other the Presidents desk in the United States in the oval office - mentioned in the movie "National Treasure 2"

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    TítuloStray Leaves From An Arctic Journal (Illustrated)
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