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Super Green Smoothies

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    Super Green Smoothies
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    LEAN, FAB, FAST... that's the best way to describe the green smoothie lifestyle.
    After battling and surviving a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, Sally Obermeder decided to take back control of her health. By making one simple change?switching to the green smoothie lifestyle?she lost more than 15 kilograms. Her skin glowed, her energy levels soared and she felt light, lean, strong, healthy and happy. Best of all, it was easy.
    Sally and her sister Maha have created 60 healthy and delicious green smoothie recipes that are easy to make and packed full of benefits. Each one is a taste sensation - think leafy greens, fresh vegies and fruits as well as added superfoods that leave you feeling energetic, lean and strong as well as stop those cravings for sugar and unhealthy fatty foods and snacks.
    Kick-start your way to weight-loss, energy and all-round good health with Super Green Smoothies, and look and feel great, starting now. Let the transition begin!

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    TítuloSuper Green Smoothies
    Subtítulo60 delicious recipes for weight loss, energy and vitality
    AutorSally Obermeder, Maha Koraiem
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    Sally Obermeder is one of the best known faces of Channel 7. She presents The Daily Edition and has also worked on Mornings, Getaway, A Current Affair and Sunday Night as well as Dancing with the Stars. She also owns and runs the lifestyle blog with her sister Maha. Sally lives in Bondi with her husband and three year old daughter Annabelle.

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