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"I'm stunned by the silence," says Martin Roth - which is why he chose to conduct these conversations with his three adult children.
The great European Martin Roth is convinced that animated discourse between people of different generations is one way of effectively thwarting the crisis of societal values; a way to rebuild
trust in the awareness of one's own history and to pass this on to future generations.
The result is an inspiring plea for an open, tolerant coexistence in a Europe in which every single person is committed to peace, freedom and democratic values.

"Its [as an English edition now] availability in North America, where nationalisms and generational differences are as much discussed and of utter relevance as they are in Germany and Europe, the publication seems only fitting. With the translation, we hope to achieve the initial goal of the book's family-based discussions: to make these topics part of everyday discourse with your children at home, in schools and between all generations.
The English publication would have been the wish of the late Martin Roth in whose memory this translation has come about." says Clara, Roman and Mascha Roth in the foreword for the English Edition

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SubtítuloA Family Discussion about Right-Wing Populism, Values and Political Engagement
AutorMartin Roth, David Dollenmayer
Biografía del Autor

Martin Roth (62 d) was one of the most innovative museum directors and cultural policy makers. He died in August 2017.

Año de Edición2018
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