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Technical Modeling with OpenSCAD


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Technical Modeling with OpenSCAD
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Engineers dread designing 3D models using traditional modeling software. OpenSCAD takes a refreshing and completely different approach. Create your models by arranging geometric solids in a JavaScript-like language, and use them with your 3D printer, CNC mill, or process communication.

OpenSCAD differs from other design systems in that it uses programmatical modeling. Your model is made up of primitives that are invoked using a C-, Java- or Python-like language. This approach to model design is close to the "mechanical work" done in the real world and appeals to engineers and others who are not a member of the traditional creative class.

OpenSCAD also provides a wide variety of comfort functions that break the 1:1 relationship between code and geometry. This book demonstrates the various features of the programming language using practical examples such as a replacement knob for a LeCroy oscilloscope, a wardrobe hanger, a container for soap dispensers, and various other real-life examples.

Written by an engineer with over 15 years of experience, this book is intended for Linux and Windows users alike. If you have programming experience in any language, this book will have you producing practical three-dimensional objects in short order!

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SubtítuloCreate Models for 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Process Communication and Documentation
AutorTam Hanna
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Tam Hanna has been programming microcontrollers and microprocessors systems for over 15 years aimed at different areas. Besides his consulting activities he gives lectures congresses, writes specialist articles for various magazines and tutors. His popular Instagram channel supplies background information on measurement technology and electronics.

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TítuloTechnical Modeling with OpenSCAD

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