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The Abandoned Room

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    The Abandoned Room
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    Bobby Brown's grandfather is murdered and no one knows how did the killer enter the locked room?
    "The night of his grandfather's mysterious death at the Cedars, Bobby Blackburn was, at least until midnight, in New York. He was held there by the unhealthy habits and companionships which recently had angered his grandfather to the point of threatening a disciplinary change in his will. As a consequence he drifted into that strange adventure which later was to surround him with dark shadows and overwhelming doubts."

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    TítuloThe Abandoned Room
    SubtítuloA Thrilling Murder Mystery
    AutorCharles Wadsworth Camp
    Biografía del Autor

    Charles Wadsworth Camp (1879?1936) was an American author, best remembered for his mysteries and potboilers. He is father of the celebrated author Madeleine L\'Engle. Some of his works were also adapted into films.

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