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Marie L. Shedlock's 'The Art of the Story-Teller' is a seminal work that delves into the intricacies of narrating tales, engaging audiences, and preserving oral traditions. Shedlock's expertise in storytelling is evident in her meticulous deconstruction of narrative techniques and the finesse with which she articulates the crafting of a compelling story. The book melds pedagogy with poetics, carving itself a distinguished place in the literary canon. Written during an era when oral narrative was both an educational tool and an art form, Shedlock's treatise stands against the backdrop of a time when the spoken word was a powerful medium for entertainment and moral instruction. Her literary style bridges the practical and the profound, serving both as a manual for aspiring storytellers and an exploration into the cultural significance of the craft.
Marie L. Shedlock was a renowned storyteller and advocate for the preservation of the oral tradition in a rapidly modernizing world. Her passion for storytelling is rooted in a deep understanding of its role in history and human connection. 'The Art of the Story-Teller' is born from years of experience and the desire to share the timeless beauty of storytelling. The text is both a response to and a product of an ongoing conversation about the role of narratives in society, a conversation that Shedlock enriched with her eloquence and insight.
This edition, presented by DigiCat Publishing, extends an invitation to readers to rediscover the value of storytelling. It is an essential read for educators, narrators, and all who cherish the enduring art of storytelling. Shedlock's timeless guidance encourages a renaissance of the oral narrative, reminding us that stories are not just entertainment but vessels of culture and history. As DigiCat Publishing endeavors to preserve literary legacies, 'The Art of the Story-Teller' remains a testament to the vitality and significance of stories in the tapestry of human experience.


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Marie L. Shedlock
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The Art of the Story-Teller
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<p>Marie L. Shedlock (1854-1935) was a distinguished storyteller and an influential figure in the revival of storytelling as a valued art form in the early 20th century. In her seminal work \'The Art of the Story-Teller\' (first published in 1915), Shedlock not only shared her extensive experience and insights gained from her career as a professional story-teller but also laid out principles and techniques that continue to inform and inspire contemporary storytelling practices. The book remains a cornerstone in the field of narrative studies and an essential guide for aspiring and practicing storytellers alike. Her literary style is often characterized by its clarity, charm, and an educational undercurrent, driven by Shedlock\'s commitment to the belief that storytelling serves as both an artistic and pedagogical tool. Her contributions extended beyond her publications; she conducted story-telling sessions and lectured extensively, advocating the importance of storytelling in education and its role in cultural preservation. Marie L. Shedlock\'s pioneering work continues to be cited in modern narrative theory and pedagogy, reflecting her enduring influence on the art and craft of storytelling.</p>
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