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The Beekeepers

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    The Beekeepers
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    "From each of his seven hives, worker bees fanned out each morning to seek out fragrant flowers, welcomed by neighbours as friends and pollinators. They were nature's midwives ensuring the next generation of plants produced seed. When he was working with the hives in the sun he felt uniquely calmed as the drone of their wings set up an effect in his head not unlike the meditative chant of monks.
    Today they were late in getting going. The temperature had dropped a little recently and they did not become active until the chill damp of the morning had gone.
    He walked between the hives looking over them closely. He felt a fatherly concern for these little creatures ? insects they may be, but science had proved them intelligent, industrious and, in their own society, amazingly co-operative with each other and caring to their young."

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