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The Believer's Triumph

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    The Believer's Triumph
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    It has been said by a divine of the seventeenth century, in reference to the portion of the divine word of which this work is an exposition: "Search all the Scripture, you will not find any one chapter into which more excellent, sublime, and evangelical truths are crowded! The Bible is the book of books, and this chapter may be styled the chapter of chapters!

    From first to last it is high gospel, all gospel; it is the summation and storehouse of all the saints' privileges and duties. You have in it the love of God and of Christ shining forth in its greatest splendor. Blessed be God for every part of Holy Writbut specially blessed be God for this eighth chapter to the Romans!"

    The sentiments here expressed have found an echo in many a believer's heart. There is no class or character for whom it does not contain something suitablebut it is pre-eminently adapted to the various circumstances and conditions in which true Christians are found.

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    TítuloThe Believer's Triumph
    AutorJames Smith
    Año de Edición2020
    Núm. Páginas612
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    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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