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The Best Fairy Tales (Illustrated)


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The Best Fairy Tales (Illustrated)
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In our swiftly changing world, one thing remains constant: For children and adults alike, it is absolutely impossible to live without the wonder of fairy tales. From ancient Aesops morality tales to modern storytellers such as J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett, and Dr. Seuss, stories guide our lives.The tales in this collection will appeal to all sorts of readers: those who read to be entertained, to laugh, to garner wisdom and moral lessons, and even those looking for a proper scare.

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AutorBrothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Jacobs, Russian Folk Fairy Tales
Año de Edición2020
Núm. Páginas465
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TítuloThe Best Fairy Tales (Illustrated)

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