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The Best Thing

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    The Best Thing
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    Mel's life is totally out of sync, at school, at home, everywhere. Pug is the only good thing - loving him, in his untidy room scented and shadowed with frangipani, she finds passionate fulfilment. But his world is so different from hers - can they possibly make it together? And can she let him in on her overwhelming secret?
    'Tough, tender, sexy, passionate, this is one of the year's best.' - Pam Macintyre, Age
    'The Best Thing is an impossibly good book. I felt enriched by reading it. It has the energy of a rock concert, and the finesse of a violin. I wish I'd written it.' - John Marsden
    'A beautiful book, a passionate novel of love, of learning, of loss and of new life.' - Sophie Masson

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    TítuloThe Best Thing
    AutorMargo Lanagan
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    MARGO LANAGAN was born in 1960 and has lived in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Perth, Mundrabilla and Paris. She studied history at the University of Sydney. She works as a writer and book editor, and lives with her partner and their two sons in Sydney\'s inner west. Her writing includes novels for teenagers and adults - The Best Thing and Touching Earth Lightly - and for younger readers - Wildgame, The Tankermen and Walking Through Albert.

    Año de Edición2013
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