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In 'The Blind Beggar of Jericho', Favell Lee Mortimer offers an accessible entry into the Biblical narratives of the Gospels tailored for a youthful audience. Mortimer's work delineates the miraculous deeds of Jesus Christ with a lucid prose that emphasizes not just the theological implications but also the human elements within these stories. The literary style is unassuming yet rich with moral instruction, allowing young readers to glean insights into the foundational texts of Christian faith. Mortimer's prose is embedded within the broader evangelical literary movement of the 19th century, which aimed to provide religious education to children through engaging and morally instructive tales.

Favell Lee Mortimer's background as a devout Christian educator and her deep engagement with religious studies are evident in this explication of the Gospels. Her conviction in the importance of early religious education shaped her approach to the book?striving to imbue in children a personal understanding of faith through the life and miracles of Jesus Christ. Mortimer's didactic intentions resonate throughout the book, reflecting the Victorian ethos of piety, morality, and the didactic role of literature for children.

'The Blind Beggar of Jericho' is recommended for young readers and educators seeking an introduction to Christian teachings through the stories of the New Testament. Mortimer's work provides not just religious education but also a grounding in the moral and ethical lessons that have shaped Western cultural values. This book stands as a testament to Mortimer's dedication to imparting Faith with clarity and compassion, making it an essential addition to the libraries of families and religious educational institutions alike.


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Favell Lee Mortimer
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The Blind Beggar of Jericho
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<p>Favell Lee Mortimer, born Favell Lee Bevan in 1802, was an English author renowned for her didactic children\'s literature. Her works were emblematic of the Victorian era, embodying the period\'s moralistic tone and educational imperatives. Mortimer attains a unique position in the literary world with her fervent evangelical spirit woven into her books. \'The Blind Beggar of Jericho\' serves as an exemplar of her evangelizing technique, taking a biblical story and transforming it into an accessible narrative for young readers. Although less well-known than \'The Peep of Day\' series, this book is illustrative of her dedication to inculcating religious and moral instruction through storytelling. Mortimer\'s dogmatic and at times ethnocentric approach in \'The Peep of Day\' (1836), \'More about Jesus\' (1849), and \'Line Upon Line\' (1837), was widely accepted in the missionary and educational circles of her time, and have since offered a rich field for scholars analyzing the intersections of religion, colonialism, and childhood education in the 19th century. Her literary style emanated from a deep evangelical Christian conviction, which led to the didacticism that both colours her legacy and provides a cultural window into the era\'s educational ideologies. Mortimer remained a prolific author until her death in 1878, leaving behind a corpus of works that continue to be examined for their religious and social insights into Victorian Britain.</p>
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