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The British Navy in Battle

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    The British Navy in Battle
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    The Command of the Sea (A.D. 1915)
    A Lesson from Cæsar
    Ancient War-ships
    Fighting-ships of the Middle Ages
    Mariners of Other Days
    Some Mediæval Sea-fights
    The Navy in Tudor Times
    From Elizabeth to Victoria
    The "Turks" in the Channel
    The Honour of the Flag
    The Evolution of Naval Gunnery
    Evolution of the Ironclad Battleship
    The Evolution of the Submarine and Submarine Mine
    Naval Brigades
    War-ships of all Sorts
    The Manning of a Ship
    Beginning of the War Afloat
    Operations in the North Sea and Channel
    In the Outer Seas
    A Reverse and a Victory
    German Raids and their Signal Punishment
    The Royal Naval Air Service

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    TítuloThe British Navy in Battle
    AutorArthur H. Pollen
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