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The Caravan Holiday

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    The Caravan Holiday
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    Tom is a normal ten-year-old only child. He doesn't love much but he does love trains. When his dad books a surprise trip to a caravan park in North Wales, Tom and his mum are not looking forward to it. When Tom realises that the planned caravan site, the one with a train, amusements and a golden sandy beach, is not the one his father booked, one hilarious mishap after another follows. So begins a week of disastrous events caused by Tom's dad who shows expert skill at creating havoc and mayhem wherever he goes. Tom's dad manages to upset the majority of people he meets including the police, fire brigade and even the coastguard.
    Aimed at children, this story is entertaining for adults and children alike.

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    TítuloThe Caravan Holiday
    AutorPeter Thomas
    Biografía del Autor

    Peter Thomas has lived and worked in Hull, England, all his life. Born in 1958, Peter married Tina with whom he has two sons. His life has been dedicated to teaching seven to eleven-year-olds in Hull. Now retired, he is drawing on all those years of experience to bring entertaining anecdotes in the form of children\'s short stories. When he\'s not writing, Peter has a great interest in railways and likes to go walking and listen to music.

    Año de Edición2015
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