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The Colored Cadet at West Point

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    The Colored Cadet at West Point
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    "The following pages were written by request. They claim to give an accurate and impartial narrative of my four years' life while a cadet at West Point, as well as a general idea of the institution there. They are almost an exact transcription of notes taken at various times during those four years."

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    TítuloThe Colored Cadet at West Point
    SubtítuloAutobiography of Lieut. Henry Ossian Flipper, U. S. A., First Graduate of Color From the U. S. Military Academy
    AutorHenry Ossian Flipper
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    Henry Ossian Flipper (1856 ? 1940) was an American soldier, former slave and, in 1877, the first African American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point, earning a commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army.

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