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The Complete Charlie Chan Series ? All 6 Mystery Novels in One Edition

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    The Complete Charlie Chan Series ? All 6 Mystery Novels in One Edition
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    Charlie Chan is a Chinese American detective who lives on Hawaii and works for the Honolulu Police Department, but often travels around the world investigating mysteries and solving crimes.
    The House Without a Key ? Member of Boston society who has lived in Hawaii for a number of years is murdered. The victim's nephew, a straitlaced young Bostonian bond trader, could be of some assistance to detective Charlie Chan in solving the mystery.
    The Chinese Parrot ? A valuable string of pearls is purchased by a wealthy and eccentric financier. Jeweler's son and Charlie Chan also travel from Hawaii to California with the pearls and come across a few mysterious deaths.
    Behind That Curtain ? Sir Frederic Bruce, former head of Scotland Yard, is investigating a murder of a London solicitor from 15 years ago. A long-cold trail takes him to California, where detective Charlie Chan gets mixed up in the case.
    The Black Camel ? A Hollywood star Shelah Fane is stopping in Hawaii after she finished shooting a film in Tahiti, but gets murdered in a rental house in Waikiki. Charlie Chan investigates amid public clamor demanding that the murderer must be found.
    Charlie Chan Carries On ? Inspector Duff from Scotland Yard is pursuing a murderer on an around-the-world voyage. While his ship is docked in Honolulu, the detective is shot and wounded, and Chan takes his place on the cruise.
    Keeper of the Keys ? Charlie Chan is back in California where he meets a world-famous soprano, Ellen Ladona, who is murdered not too long after the meeting. Chan is expected to solve the mystery and he does not have to look far for suspects.
    Earl Derr Biggers (1884-1933) was an American novelist best known for his mystery novels, especially those featuring Chinese American detective Charlie Chan.

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    TítuloThe Complete Charlie Chan Series ? All 6 Mystery Novels in One Edition
    SubtítuloThe House Without a Key, The Chinese Parrot, Behind That Curtain, The Black Camel?
    AutorEarl Derr Biggers
    Año de Edición2017
    Núm. Páginas1268
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