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The Complete Travel Books of W.D. Howells (Illustrated Edition)

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    The Complete Travel Books of W.D. Howells (Illustrated Edition)
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    This unique collection of William Dean Howells' complete travel books has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards.


    "Nothing can be fairer to the eye than these "summer isles of Eden" lying all about Venice, far and near. The water forever trembles and changes, with every change of light, from one rainbow glory to another, as with the restless hues of an opal; and even when the splendid tides recede, and go down with the sea, they leave a heritage of beauty to the empurpled mud of the shallows, all strewn with green, disheveled sea-weed. The lagoons have almost as wide a bound as your vision."

    William Dean Howells (1837-1920) was an American realist author, literary critic, and playwright. Nicknamed "The Dean of American Letters", he was particularly known for his tenure as editor of the Atlantic Monthly as well as his own prolific writings, including the Christmas story "Christmas Every Day", and the novels The Rise of Silas Lapham and A Traveler from Altruria. Howells is known to be the father of American realism, and a denouncer of the sentimental novel. He was the first American author to bring a realist aesthetic to the literature of the United States. His stories of Boston upper crust life set in the 1850s are highly regarded among scholars of American fiction. After short campaign in Republican administration, Howells was appointed a consul in Venice in 1861. He remained in Italy for 4 years and during this time he wrote travel sketches and reports describing life in town and country. Later on, he came back to Europe, which resulted in few more travel books to his name.

    Table of Contents:

    Venetian Life

    Italian Journeys

    Roman Holidays and Others

    Suburban Sketches

    Familiar Spanish Travels

    A Little Swiss Sojourn

    London Films

    Seven English Cities

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    TítuloThe Complete Travel Books of W.D. Howells (Illustrated Edition)
    SubtítuloVenetian Life, Italian Journeys, Roman Holidays and Others, Suburban Sketches, Familiar Spanish Travels, A Little Swiss Sojourn, London Films & Seven English Cities
    AutorWilliam Dean Howells, Edmund H. Garrett
    Año de Edición2017
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