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The Crisis of the Naval War in WW1

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    The Crisis of the Naval War in WW1
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    This eBook edition of "The Crisis of the Naval War in WW1" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    This book presents the work accomplished by the Royal Navy in combating the unrestricted submarine warfare instituted by the Central Powers in February, 1917. It is consequently largely concerned with the successive steps taken at the Admiralty to deal with a situation which was always serious, and which at times assumed a very grave aspect. The ultimate result of all Naval warfare must naturally rest with those who are serving afloat, but it is only just to the Naval officers and others who did such fine work at the Admiralty in preparing for the sea effort, that their share in the Navy's final triumph should be known.
    Admiralty Organization: The Changes in 1917
    Submarine Campaign in the Early Part of 1917
    Anti-submarine Operations
    The Introduction of the Convoy System
    The Convoy System at Work
    The Entry of the United States: Our Naval Policy Explained
    Patrol Craft and Minesweeping Services
    The Dover Patrol and the Harwich Forces
    The Sequel
    "Production" at the Admiralty During 1917
    Naval Work
    The Future

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    TítuloThe Crisis of the Naval War in WW1
    SubtítuloBritish Royal Navy in World War I: Admiralty Organization, Submarine & Anti-Submarine Operations?
    AutorJohn Rushworth Jellicoe
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