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The Cruise Of The Snark (illustrated)

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    The Cruise Of The Snark (illustrated)
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    The Snark had two masts and was 43 feet long at the waterline, and on it London claims to have spent thirty thousand dollars. The snark was primarily a sailboat, however, it also had an auxiliary 70-horsepower engine. It was further equipped with one lifeboat.
    In 1906, Author Jack London began to build a 45-foot yacht on which he planned a round-the-world voyage, to last seven years. After many delays, Jack and Charmian London and a small crew sailed out of San Francisco Bay on April 23, 1907, bound for the South Pacific

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    TítuloThe Cruise Of The Snark (illustrated)
    AutorJack London
    Año de Edición2014
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