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The Curse of Tavicombe

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    The Curse of Tavicombe
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    Gail's mum and Ben's dad take them on holiday. Ben and Gail resent their step-families to be but find the countryside exciting. They are aware of being watched. They find a secret door with a gypsy friend. It mysteriously opens and they face a horrifying attack. They find a book linking the door to Tavicombe Hall, with its stories of kidnap, murder and love. A visit there makes further visit to the secret passages irresistible. They find a world of strange beings, plagued by their common enemy. To leave, they must forget all they have seen and overcome a being, which appears to pass from legend to reality. Do they overcome? Do they forget?

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    TítuloThe Curse of Tavicombe
    AutorRupert Michael Stringer
    Año de Edición2017
    Núm. Páginas562
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    Tamaño Archivo (Virtual)0.45
    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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