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The Dreaming Treasure

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    The Dreaming Treasure
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    A young couple travels by car around a lake in Marshland, within the Portobello coast.The tour they perform brings them several memoirs about an ancient treasure, supposedly brought there by the Normans when founding a colony in Murtoyland, a small town on the edge of lake Avia. The treasure hunt begins guided by some old maps the protagonists carry with them. Although, will they ever reach such a treasure?


    Port Obal is the name of an ancient Phoenician port that is thought to have been situated on the northern banks of lake Avia, also known as Ria or the Haff.

    In this narrative many names of places like villages,
    towns and cities, are used but only a few of them are
    coincident with the current or original name.

    Merging Past with Present, the narrator makes the reader watching to ancient historic scenes such as the invasion of Murtoyland by the Normans, who left forgotten treasures in those territories, and presents the readers with a brief visit to the ruins of the ancient
    Fort of Car Regal and to the lost giant Towers of the Ria.

    The Marshland islands are a grateful stopover to the narrator and his girlfriend Michaela, once it allows them to describe the animal and plant biodiversity on these Islands that currently proliferate through the Haff due to increasing council drainage interventions that are the source and the knot of discord generated by different political ideologies in Port Obal and Aviarium cities.

    Nevertheless the treasure left by the Normans is still there,
    where the Normans left it, we are to assure you.

    Question is: Who will be the lucky one to find this Norman Treasure?

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    TítuloThe Dreaming Treasure
    AutorDave McFather
    Año de Edición2013
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