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THE GAY TRIANGLE ? Spy & Adventure Tales of the Fearless Trio

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    THE GAY TRIANGLE ? Spy & Adventure Tales of the Fearless Trio
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    The Gay Triangle is a collection of stories about three friends and their adventures around Europe in a car that converts to an airplane and a helicopter. Dick is an inventor and a former RAF pilot who constructs weird machines that always come in handy. Yvette is his French love interest and a daring operative willing to invade any space at all risks. Jules is Yvette's brother who stands guard, ready to rescue Yvette at any time.
    These are the stories:
    The Mystery of Rasputin's Jewels
    A Race for a Throne
    The Seven Dots
    The Sorcerer of Soho
    The Master Atom
    The Horror of Lockie
    The Peril of the Préfet
    The Message for One Eye Only
    William Le Queux (1864-1927) was an Anglo-French writer who mainly wrote in the genres of mystery, thriller, and espionage, particularly in the years leading up to World War I. His best-known works are the anti-French and anti-Russian invasion fantasy "The Great War in England in 1897" and the anti-German invasion fantasy "The Invasion of 1910."

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    TítuloTHE GAY TRIANGLE ? Spy & Adventure Tales of the Fearless Trio
    SubtítuloThe Mystery of Rasputin's Jewels, A Race for a Throne, The Sorcerer of Soho, The Master Atom, The Horror of Lockie, The Peril of the Préfet, The Message for One Eye Only?
    AutorWilliam Le Queux
    Año de Edición2017
    Núm. Páginas119
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