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The German Campaign in Russia: 1940-1942

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    The German Campaign in Russia: 1940-1942
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    This eBook edition of "The German Campaign in Russia: 1940-1942" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    The aim of this edition is to present in a comprehensive way the strategy and military operations of the German army in the attack on Russia in World War 2. The narrative starts with Hitler's initial plans for an invasion of Russia and ends at the time of Germany's maximum territorial gains during the battle for Stalingrad.
    Strategic Planning
    Operational Planning
    The Initial Operations (22 June-31 July 1941)
    Planning for Future Operations
    The Diversion and Reassembly
    The German Attack on Moscow
    The Russian Counteroffensive (December 1941-February 1942)
    Preliminary Planning for a German Offensive in the Caucasus, 1942
    Preparations for the German Summer Offensive
    Initial Operations and New Plans (July 1942)
    The Period of Stagnation (August-October 1942)
    Critical Analysis of the German Summer Offensive in 1942
    List of German Military Leaders (July 1940-November 1942)
    Chronology of the Events

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    TítuloThe German Campaign in Russia: 1940-1942
    SubtítuloWWII: Strategic & Operational Planning: From Directive Barbarossa to the Battle for Stalingrad
    AutorU.S. Department of Defense
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