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The Greatest Mysteries of Arthur Cheney Train ? 50+ Titles in One Volume (Illustrated Edition)

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    The Greatest Mysteries of Arthur Cheney Train ? 50+ Titles in One Volume (Illustrated Edition)
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    This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    Mr. Tutt Series
    Tutt and Mr. Tutt
    The Human Element
    Mock Hen and Mock Turtle
    Samuel and Delilah
    The Dog Andrew
    Wile Versus Guile
    Hepplewhite Tramp
    Lallapaloosa Limited
    By Advice of Counsel
    The Shyster
    The Kid and the Camel
    Contempt of Court
    By Advice of Counsel
    That Sort of Woman
    You're Another!
    Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
    Old Man Tutt
    Jefferson Was Right
    Her Father's House
    Tit, Tat, Tutt
    Black Salmon
    Just at That Age
    Mr. Tutt Takes the Count
    Mr. Tutt Goes Fishing
    No Parking
    Mr. Tutt's Queerest Case
    The Confessions of Artemas Quibble
    The Blind Goddess
    Short Stories
    McAllister and his Double
    McAllister's Christmas
    The Baron de Ville
    The Escape of Wilkins
    The Governor-General's Trunk
    The Golden Touch
    McAllister's Data of Ethics
    McAllister's Marriage
    The Jailbird
    In the Course of Justice
    The Maximilian Diamond
    Mortmain and Other Stories
    The Rescue of Theophilus Newbegin
    The Vagabond
    The Man Hunt
    Not at Home
    A Study in Sociology
    The Little Feller
    Randolph, '64
    True Stories of Crime
    The Woman in the Case
    Five Hundred Million Dollars
    The Lost Stradivarius
    The Last of the Wire-Tappers
    The Franklin Syndicate
    A Study in Finance
    The "Duc De Nevers"
    A Finder of Missing Heirs
    A Murder Conspiracy
    A Flight into Texas
    A Case of Circumstantial Evidence
    Other Stories...
    Arthur Cheney Train (1875-1945) was an American lawyer and writer of legal thrillers, particularly known for his novels of courtroom intrigue and the creation of the fictional lawyer Mr. Ephraim Tutt, a wily old lawyer who supported the common man and always had a trick up his sleeve to right the law's injustices. Train wrote a number of novels and short stories inspired by his parallel career as a lawyer in private practice and a New York County District Attorney.

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    AutorArthur Cheney Train, F. C. Yohn
    SubtítuloTutt and Mr. Tutt, By Advice of Counsel, Old Man Tutt, True Stories of Crime?
    TítuloThe Greatest Mysteries of Arthur Cheney Train ? 50+ Titles in One Volume (Illustrated Edition)

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