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The Greatest Works of Thomas Paine: 39 Books in One Edition

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    The Greatest Works of Thomas Paine: 39 Books in One Edition
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    Musaicum Books presents to you this carefully created volume of "The Greatest Works of Thomas Paine: 39 Books in One Edition". This ebook has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    Common Sense
    The American Crisis
    The Rights of Man
    The Age of Reason
    The Republican Proclamation
    To the Authors of "Le Républicain"
    To the Abbé Sièyes
    To the Attorney General
    To Mr. Secretary Dundas
    Letters to Onslow Cranley
    To the Sheriff of the County of Sussex
    To Mr. Secretary Dundas
    Letter Addressed to the Addressers on the Late Proclamation
    Address to the People of France
    Anti-Monarchal Essay for the Use of New Republicans
    To the Attorney General, on the Prosecution against the Second Part
    On the Propriety of Bringing Louis XIV to Trial
    Reasons for Preserving the Life of Louis Capet
    Shall Louis XVI have Respite?
    Declaration of Rights
    Private Letters to Jefferson
    Letter to Danton
    A Citizen of America to the Citizens of Europe
    Appeal to the Convention
    The Memorial to Monroe
    Letter to George Washington
    Dissertation on First Principles of Government
    The Constitution of 1795
    The Decline and Fall of the English System of Finance
    Agrarian Justice
    The Eighteenth Fructidor
    The Recall of Monroe
    Private Letter to President Jefferson
    Proposal that Louisiana be Purchased
    Thomas Paine to the Citizens of the United States
    To the French Inhabitants of Louisiana
    A Letter Addressed to the Abbe Raynal
    The Life of Thomas Paine by Moncure D. Conway
    Thomas Paine (1737-1809) was an English-American political activist, philosopher, political theorist, and revolutionary. One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, he authored the two most influential pamphlets at the start of the American Revolution, and he inspired the rebels in 1776 to declare independence from Britain. Paine's ideas reflected Enlightenment-era rhetoric of transnational human rights.

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    AutorThomas Paine
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    TítuloThe Greatest Works of Thomas Paine: 39 Books in One Edition

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