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The Ice People 47 - Is There Anybody Out There?

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    The Ice People 47 - Is There Anybody Out There?
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    The Ice People's long and perilous battle against Tengel the Evil was over. Tan-ghil, the scourge and terror of the world, was gone forever.
    Despite that, there was no knowing what would happen in the future. Many questions remained to be answered, and the Ice People had exciting years ahead ...
    "Margit Sandemo is, simply, quite wonderful."
    The Guardian

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    AutorMargit Sandemo, Nina Sokol
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    Margit Sandemo was born on 23 April 1924 in Norway. She was raised in Sweden but later moved back to Norway. She made her debut as an author in 1964. Love and supernatural powers are the hallmarks of her authorship, and she is the best-selling author in the Nordic countries, with more than 39 million copies sold. The Legend of the Ice People comprises 47 volumes. Margit Sandemo died on 1 September 2018.

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    TítuloThe Ice People 47 - Is There Anybody Out There?

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