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In 'The Idiot at Home,' John Kendrick Bangs crafts a witty, satire-driven narrative that follows the charming absurdities of domestic life through the escapades of Mr. and Mrs. Idiot and their children. As the sequel to 'The Idiot,' this collection of short stories continues to explore the everyday through a comedic lens, allowing readers a comforting reprieve within the quotidian hiccups of familial bliss. Bangs' droll and sophisticated wordplay, a trademark of his literary style, transcends the book's 19th-century context, resonating with the irreverent humor of contemporary readers, while also capturing the essence of American literary humor of its time. This book situates itself in a lineage of literary humor, presaging the domestic comedies that would flourish in the 20th century.

John Kendrick Bangs, known for his contributions to the genre of humor and fantasy, draws upon his rich background as an editor, satirist, and writer in bringing to life the world of 'The Idiot at Home.' Bangs' own experiences, along with his keen observational skills, inform the nuanced, yet playful critique of the bourgeoisie, and serve to underscore the timelessness of domestic farce. Bangs' familiarity with the foibles of society and family life ensures each story reflects a keen understanding of human nature, and a vibrant portrayal of comic sensibility.

'The Idiot at Home' is highly recommended for those who appreciate a blend of domestic comedy with sharp social satire. Whether you're in search of a light-hearted escape or an insightful reflection on familial dynamics, Bangs provides an entertaining and clever sojourn through the trials and tribulations of home life. Engage with the text, and you'll be rewarded with laughter that emanates from the depth of relatable experience, and the comforting assurance that the joys and follies of family are as perennial as the literary fabric itself.


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John Kendrick Bangs
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The Idiot at Home
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<p>John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) was an American author, humorist, editor, and satirist. He was born in Yonkers, New York, and studied at Columbia University where he developed an early interest in writing. Bangs gained prominence during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is best known for his work in the genre of \'Bangsian fantasy,\' a term coined posthumously in honor of his contributions. This genre features famous literary or historical figures interacting in the afterlife, often in whimsical or surreal settings, which is exemplified in his series of books begun with \'A House-Boat on the Styx\' (1895). His writing style is characterized by a gentle wit and a fondness for wordplay, targeting the foibles of society and human nature. One of his works, \'The Idiot at Home\' (1900), follows the eponymous central character from his earlier \'The Idiot\' (1895) and delves into domestic exploits with Bangs\' signature blend of humor and satire. Bangs served as an editor for various publications including \'Harper\'s Bazaar\' and \'Puck,\' and was a prolific writer, contributing to the development of the American humor canon until his death in 1922. His influence persisted, inspiring future generations of writers with his imaginative scenery and entertaining plots. Despite being less well-known today, Bangs\' unique blend of wit and fantasy endears him to a niche of devotees and maintains his place in American literary history.</p>
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