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The Life & Work of Charles Bradlaugh

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    The Life & Work of Charles Bradlaugh
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    This book is a 2-volume record of life and work of the English political activist Charles Bradlaugh (1833-1891), written by his daughter, that features his parliamentary struggle, politics and teachings. Bradlaugh was an advocate of trade unionism, republicanism, and universal suffrage, and he opposed socialism. His anti-socialism was divisive, and many secularists who became socialists left the secularist movement because of its identification with Bradlaugh's liberal individualism. He was a supporter of Irish Home Rule, and backed France during the Franco-Prussian War. In 1880, he was elected as the Liberal MP for Northampton. His attempt to affirm as an atheist ultimately led to his temporary imprisonment, fines for voting in the Commons illegally, and a number of by-elections at which he regained his seat on each occasion. Bradlaugh was finally allowed to take an oath in 1886. Eventually, a parliamentary bill which he proposed became law in 1888 which allowed members of both Houses of Parliament to affirm, if they so wished, when being sworn in. The new law resolved the issue for witnesses in civil and criminal court cases.
    Part I:
    Parentage and Childhood
    Army Life
    Hyde Park Meetings, 1855
    Early Lectures and Debates
    A Clerical Libeller
    The "National Reformer" and the Government Prosecutions
    Platform Work, 1860-1861
    "Kill the Infidel"
    Debates, 1860-1866
    The Reform League, 1866-1868
    Provincial Lecturing, 1866-1869
    Northampton, 1868
    Southwark Election, 1869
    Litigation, 1867-1871
    Lectures, 1870-1871
    France ? the War
    The Commune, and After
    A Dozen Debates
    Republicanism and Spain
    First Visit to America
    Two Northampton Elections, 1874?
    In the United States Again
    The Prosecution of Mr Bradlaugh and Mrs Besant
    An Unimportant Chapter
    More Debates
    Some Later Lectures
    The "Watch" Story
    Peace Demonstrations, 1878
    The National Secular Society?
    Part II (by John M. Robertson):
    Philosophy and Secular Propaganda
    Political Doctrine and Work
    The Parliamentary Struggle
    Closing Years

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    TítuloThe Life & Work of Charles Bradlaugh
    SubtítuloComplete Edition (Vol. 1&2)
    AutorHypatia Bradlaugh Bonner, J. M. Robertson
    Biografía del Autor

    Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner (1858-1935) was a British peace activist, author, atheist and freethinker, and the daughter of Charles Bradlaugh. Bonner is most remembered for being the author of her father\'s biography, Charles Bradlaugh: A Record of His Life and Work. She was an active contributor to many secularist periodicals including the National Reformer and author of many other books relating to secularism, blasphemy and freethinking. In Penalties upon Opinion she catalogues various trials and cases of blasphemy including the recent revival in blasphemy prosecutions in the first decades of the 20th century.
    John Mackinnon Robertson (1856-1933) was a prolific journalist, advocate of rationalism and secularism, and Liberal Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom for Tyneside from 1906 to 1918. Robertson was best known as an advocate of the Christ myth theory.

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