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The Map


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The Map
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Ennie, an ambitious yet hedonistic young woman, makes a promise to herself to stop settling for sub-par sex. She makes a plan for all the sexual desires she will fulfil, all the excitement she will seek and find. Travelling throughout Africa for her work, she meets many interesting people, and sets out to satisfy her curiosity. Mind-blowing encounters follow, in an elevator, with a man from work, with a charismatic woman.

Through her exploratory journey, Ennie must concentrate on staying true to her mission, finding the pleasure she wants for herself. She learns about her body, her desires, how she wants to engage with others on many levels. Each lover in the series uncovers something new for her, a different style of emotional and sexual connection.

With its empowering feminist message and attentiveness to pleasure, The Map is a salutary reminder to pursue your dreams, but to stop and enjoy life along the way.

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SubtítuloA Journey of Sexual Exploration
Biografía del Autor

Jasika is a young African Queer feminist, advocate, writer, and body positivity campaigner. She writes for and about women, encouraging and advocating for the liberation of women\'s bodies and self-love through illustrating the power and beauty of their anatomy.

She is an activist, fighting in the Malawian women movement to end violence against women and girls and advocates for comprehensive sex and sexuality education. She wishes for women to be free, explore, and enjoy their bodies and love themselves.

BERLINABLE is not simply a publisher, we are a community.
We create a network of people who are connected by their need to be free and explore their sexuality.
Our talented authors either write from experience or are pro connoisseurs of their writing topics.
This authenticity is what makes our books so special.

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TítuloThe Map

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