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The Mayflower Ship's Log (Vol. 1-6)

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    The Mayflower Ship's Log (Vol. 1-6)
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    This eBook edition of "The Mayflower Ship's Log" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    To civilized humanity world-wide, and especially to the descendants of the Pilgrims who, in 1620, laid the foundations of that civil and religious freedom upon which has been built a refuge for the oppressed of every land, the story of the Pilgrim "Exodus" has an ever-increasing value and zest. It describes the inception, development, and vicissitudes of the bold scheme of colonization in the American wilderness. It covers every detail and circumstance which relates to the immortal MAYFLOWER; the preparations, the voyage, the personnel on the ship and the first colonists' hopes and dreams.
    The Name? "Mayflower"
    The Mayflower's Consort the Speedwell
    The Mayflower's Charter and the Adventurers
    The Mayflower?the Ship Herself
    The Officers and Crew of the Mayflower
    The Mayflower's Passengers
    Quarters, Cooking, Provisions
    The Mayflower's Lading
    The Journal of the Ship Mayflower

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    TítuloThe Mayflower Ship's Log (Vol. 1-6)
    SubtítuloDay to Day Details of the Voyage, Characteristics of the Ship: Main Deck, Gun Deck & Cargo Hold, Mayflower Officers, The Crew & The Passengers
    AutorAzel Ames
    Año de Edición2018
    Núm. Páginas224
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