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The Monkey and The Orange Tree

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    The Monkey and The Orange Tree
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    We find Jepetto,a common street beggar and his pet Monkey Le Sange in Queen Jasmines' courtyard. The Queen is quite taken by the amusing monkey and invites Jepetto and Le Sange to dine with her in her orange grove.
    They dine on goat, quail and ostrich and drink apricot wine. The Queen is delighted by Jepettos struggles with poverty and marbles how Le Sange has brought him much happiness. She makes Jepetto an offer he cannot refuse.

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    TítuloThe Monkey and The Orange Tree
    SubtítuloLe Sange
    AutorHeidi Jacobsen, Heidi Jacobsen
    Año de Edición2019
    Núm. Páginas18
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    Formato Electrónico (Virtual)EPUB
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