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The Mummy!

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    The Mummy!
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    "The Mummy!" is a novel written by Jane C. Loudon which was published anonymously in 1827. It concerns the Egyptian mummy of Cheops, who is brought back to life in the year 2126. The novel describes a future filled with advanced technology, and was the first English-language story to feature a reanimated mummy. Unlike many early science fiction works, Loudon did not portray the future as her own day with only political changes. She filled her world with foreseeable changes in technology, society, and even fashion. Her social attitudes have resulted in the book being ranked among proto-feminist novels.

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    SubtítuloSci-Fi Novel
    AutorJane C. Loudon
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    Jane Wells Webb Loudon (1807-1858) was an English author and early pioneer of science fiction. She wrote before the term was coined, and was discussed for a century as a writer of Gothic fiction, fantasy or horror. She also created the first popular gardening manuals, as opposed to specialist horticultural works, reframing the art of gardening as fit for young women. Furthermore, she contributed to the work of her husband, John Claudius Loudon.

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    TítuloThe Mummy!

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