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The Sacred Writings of Dionysius the Great

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    The Sacred Writings of Dionysius the Great
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    "The Sacred Writings Of ..." provides you with the essential works among the Christian writings. The volumes cover the beginning of Christianity until medieval times.


    Part I.-Containing Various Sections of the Works.

    I.-From the Two Books on the Promises.
    II.-From the Books on Nature.
    III.-From the Books Against Sabellius. On the Notion that Matter is Ungenerated.
    IV.-Epistle to Dionysius Bishop of Rome
    V.-The Epistle to Bishop Basilides.

    Part II.-Containing Epistles, or Fragments of Epistles.

    Epistle I.-To Domitius and Didymus.
    Epistle II.-To Novatus.
    Epistle III.-To Fabius Bishop of Antioch.
    Epistle IV.-To Cornelius the Roman Bishop.
    Epistle V., Which is the First on the Subject of Baptism Addressed to Stephen, Bishop of Rome.
    Epistle VI.-To Sixtus, Bishop.
    Epistle VII.-To Philemon, a Presbyter.
    Epistle VIII.-To Dionysius.
    Epistle IX.-To Sixtus II.
    Epistle X.-Against Bishop Germanus.
    Epistle XI.-To Hermammon.
    Epistle XII.-To the Alexandrians.
    Epistle XIII.-To Hierax, a Bishop in Egypt.
    Epistle XIV.-From His Fourth Festival Epistle.

    Exegetical Fragments.

    I.-A Commentary on the Beginning of Ecclesiastes.
    II.-The Gospel According to Luke.
    III.-On Luke XXII. 42, Etc.
    IV.-An Exposition of Luke XXII. 46, Etc.
    V.-On John VIII. 12.
    VI.-Of the One Substance.
    VII.-On the Reception of the Lapsed to Penitence.

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    TítuloThe Sacred Writings of Dionysius the Great
    AutorDionysius the Great, Stewart Dyngwall Fordyce Salmond
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