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The Second Adventure of Julian and James - Lucy, Part 1


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The Second Adventure of Julian and James - Lucy, Part 1
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Julian and James continue their quest for threesome adventures, but hit a wall when they meet Lucy. She's powerful, seductive, and impossible to read. The tension escalates as they puzzle together what it takes to please this gorgeous woman.

What ensues is a wild foray into the world of BDSM play, as this trio finds out together all the delights dominance and power dynamics can bring to all of them. A masterfully written, honest and sexy recollection, Blume creates a tale of a fantasy come true that you will never forget.

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TítuloThe Second Adventure of Julian and James - Lucy, Part 1
SubtítuloA Tale of Two Male Doms and a Brat
AutorDesmond Blume
Biografía del Autor

For Desmond Blume, BDSM is a tool for self-exploration. With a poetic and poignant style, he describes his adventures as a powerful dom in detail, delving deep into the meaning of domination in everyday life, in combination with raw sexual tension, and vivid descriptions that will convert even the most vanilla of readers.

A wordsmith of cunning talent, his stories are an ode to kink and the nature of sex, while he investigates the human impulses as the same time he describes them in detail. A remarkable talent, he brings his vast experience in the world of kink into poetic and beautiful erotica.

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Año de Edición2020
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