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The secret sex of money

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    The secret sex of money
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    The Secret Sex of Money throws the spotlight on female forms of dependence such as Money, Sex, Power and Subordination. As has always been the case, economic independence is no guarantee of a woman's autonomy. This book offers a lucid analysis of money from the Western perspective of relationships between women and men in the context of a patriarchal culture; relationships that are sometimes governed by power and domination, even in the innermost recesses of our daily lives. Clara Coria denounces the discrimination that women face in their acquisition, management and production of money. A controversial book that provides an insight as to how power relations between men and women are expressed, even in the most intimate aspects of everyday life. Indispensable for understanding the sensitive issues that profoundly affect both sexes.
    The Secret Sex of Money takes a fresh integrated approach to examining the relationship between women and men and demonstrates how, confined within the walls of a patriarchal model, power relations force women to bring up the rear. A book that reveals the hitherto unexplored implications of money management in the realm of the couple.
    Work published under the "Sur" Support Program to Translations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic.

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    SubtítuloForms of female dependence
    AutorClara Coria, Mark Lodge
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    Clara Coria is a psychologist who conducts research into questions of money, power, success, negotiation and love from a gender-based perspective. Specialized in group theory, she has spent decades carrying out critical appraisals of women-related questions. Clara Coria is a member of the Argentine Association of Psychology and Group Therapy and is co-founder of the Centre for Women\'s Studies (CWS) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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    I. Women's economic dependence
    II. The benefits of economic dependence in women
    III. Love and money: maternal altruism versus manly speculation?
    IV. Money in a marital partnership
    V. A particular distribution of power: The kids are mine and the money is yours
    VI. Men and the accumulation of money
    VII. Some considerations on money and its meaning in the context of psychological treatments

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    TítuloThe secret sex of money

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