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The Taming of the Turk


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The Taming of the Turk
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For centuries the figure of ?the Turk? spread fascination and fear - in the theatre of war and on the theatrical stage. On the one hand, ?the Turk? represented a spectacular dimension, an imaginary world of pirates, sultans and odalisques; on the other hand, he stood for the actual Ottoman Empire, engaged in long-lasting confrontations and exchanges with Occidental powers. When confronted with historical circumstances - military, commercial and religious - the cliché image of ?the Turk? dissolves in complex combinations of potential references.

The Taming of the Turk: Ottomans on the Danish Stage 1596-1896 elucidates, for the first time, three centuries of cultural history as articulated in dealings between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Ottoman Empire seen in a general European context. From the staging of ?the Turk? as a diabolical player in royal ceremonies of early modern times, to the appearance of harmless ?Turkish? entertainment figures in the late nineteenth century. Artistic, theatrical and theological conceptions co-act in paradoxical ways against a backdrop of pragmatic connections with the Ottomans.

The story of this long-forgotten connection between a small northern-European nation and a mighty Oriental empire is based on a source material - plays, paintings, treaties, travelogues etc. - that has hitherto chiefly been neglected, although it played a significant role in earlier times. The images of ?exotic? figures sometimes even turn out to be self-images. The documents hold the keys to a number of mental and fundamental (pre)conditions, and thus even to imagery constructions of our day.

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SubtítuloOttomans on the Danish Stage 1596-1896
AutorBent Holm, Gaye Kynoch
Tabla de Contenido

<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Introduction</strong></h3>
<p>Perceptions of ?the Turk?</br>
Them and Us</br>
The Graveyard of Culture - the Scrapheap of History</br>
The Kaleidoscope of History</br>
Identity and Staging</br>
Images and Voices</p>
<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Chapter 1</br>
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: <i>Conspiracy and Apocalypse</i></strong></h3>
<p>War and Coronation</br>
The Turk and the Pope</br>
Heresy and Nonbelief</br>
The Tamed Turk</br>
Popular Belief and ?the Enemy?</p>
<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Chapter 2</br>
The Eighteenth Century: <i>Parody and Pedagogy</i></strong></h3>
<p>War and Masquerade</br>
Parody and Paranoia</br>
The Commercial Stage</br>
The Theatrical Stage</br>
The New Turk</br>
The Turk in Paris</br>
The Turk in Vienna</br>
The Turk in Copenhagen</br>
The Dane and the Turk</br>
The Christian Knight</br>
Nation at War</br>
The Swede and the Turk</br>
The Turk and the People</br>
The Real Seraglio</br>
Far from Farce?</p>
<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Chapter 3</br>
The Nineteenth Century: <i>Carnival and Casino</i></strong></h3>
<p>Exotic Romanticism</br>
The Turk in the Cage</br>
Portrait of the Artist as Young Woman</br>
The Near East</br>
The Pope, the Turk and the German</br>
Far from Denmark?</br>
Harem and History</p>
<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Afterword</strong></h3>
<p>Synthesis and Retraction</br>
Interplay and Openness</br>
Symbol and Stereotype</br>
Prophecy and Polyphony</p>
<h3 class="align-center versalien"><strong>Appendix</strong></h3>
<p>Select Bibliography</br>

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TítuloThe Taming of the Turk

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