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The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book

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    The Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book
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    If you are a Walking beginner, an advanced Walker or just walk with friends - this is the right book for you. Based on 400 scientific studies about Walking and Nordic Pole Walking, this book gives a deep, easy-to-read and comprehensive insight into the benefits of Nordic Pole Walking and Walking exercise.

    It teaches the correct Pole Walking technique and explains the body?s physiological adaptation to achieve your fitness and health goals with this easy to perform, low impact exercise.

    It describes how Nordic Pole Walking, a sport that incorporates more than 90 percent of all body muscles, can prevent and help to cure most common health disorders, like obesity, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and more.

    Scientifically proven self-testing tools help to check your actual fitness status and potential health risks. Practical weight loss concepts, nutrition advice and guidelines for lifestyle-changing lead you to a new quality of life.

    Detailed training plans from beginner to marathon level make it easy to achieve continuous success.

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    AutorKlaus Schwanbeck
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    Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck is a graduate in sports science. After his career as a professional track & field coach he worked on developing nationwide health programs for 20 years.

    As founder of the German Health Promotion Network and for the German Olympic Sports Confederation, he educated and licensed instructors for multiple sports and therapists and physicians in cooperation with different medical boards.

    Originally from Berlin, he promoted Nordic Pole Walking with great success from Naples, FL and Toronto across the United States and Canada as a highly beneficial health and fitness exercise for everyone.

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    TítuloThe Ultimate Nordic Pole Walking Book

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