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The Wide, Wide World

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    The Wide, Wide World
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    The Wide, Wide World is the story of young Ellen Montgomery. It begins with Ellen's happy life being disrupted by the fact that her mother is very ill and her father must take her to Europe, requiring Ellen to leave home to live with an almost-unknown aunt. Though Ellen tries to act strong for her mother's sake, she is devastated and can find solace in nothing. Eventually the day comes when Ellen must say goodbye to her mother and travel in the company of strangers to her aunt's home. Unfortunately these strangers are unkind to Ellen and she tries to leave the boat on which they are traveling. Will Susan ever get to reach her destination? Will she find the love and acceptance of her mysterious Aunt? What will happen to her in a strange new place, alone and unaccompanied?

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    AutorSusan Warner
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    Susan Warner (1819?1885), was an American evangelical writer of religious fiction, children\'s fiction, and theological works. She is best remembered for The Wide, Wide World, which is often acclaimed as America\'s first bestseller.

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    TítuloThe Wide, Wide World

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