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The Witches of Traquair and Other Tales from Scottish Highlands

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    The Witches of Traquair and Other Tales from Scottish Highlands
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    James Hogg wrote some of his best stories in The Shepherd's Calendar, in which he defines the content and the manners of the traditional storytelling of Ettrick Forest, the mountainous region in Scotland where he grew up. They reveal Hogg's experiences as a young shepherd as it draws a picture of the pleasures and the dangers of the lives in Scottish Highlands. Some of these stories deal with the supernatural and explore psychological depths with a noteworthy intensity and insight. Large parts of these tales are written in a Scots dialect from the region of Ettrick Forest.

    The Shepherd's Calendar:

    Rob Dodds

    Mr Adamson of Laverhope

    The Prodigal Son

    The School of Misfortune

    George Dobson's Expedition to Hell

    The Souters of Selkirk

    The Laird of Cassway

    Tibby Hyslop's Dream

    Mary Burnet

    The Brownie of the Black Haggs

    The Laird of Wineholm

    Window Wat's Courtship

    A Strange Secret

    The Marvellous Doctor

    The Witches of Traquair



    Odd Characters

    Nancy Chisholm


    The Shepherd's Dog

    The Expedition to Hell

    The Mysterious Bride

    The Wool-Gatherer

    The Hunt of Eildon

    James Hogg (1770-1835) was a Scottish poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both Scots and English. As a young man he worked as a shepherd and farmhand, and was largely self-educated through reading. He was a friend of many of the great writers of his day, including Sir Walter Scott, of whom he later wrote an unauthorized biography.

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    TítuloThe Witches of Traquair and Other Tales from Scottish Highlands

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