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The Wonder Book One

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    The Wonder Book One
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    In some Worlds, Society depends on Technology to expand its horizons. In the Victorian world of the Wonder, Magic is the leading light. It powers an Empire through an Industrial Revolution towards boundless possibilities, including the invasion and colonisation of any neighbours who may have reserves of Magic themselves.
    But the Wonder has been plumbed before, by past civilisations, and may have caused their collapse. Can a disparate group of accidental heroes made up of burnt-out dragoons, cynical mercenaries, a college professor and a nurse-cum-landlady from an Imperial backwater colony take on an entire Empire to save a world?

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    SubtítuloBlood Red
    AutorJames Devo
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    James Devonshire was born and raised South London, from which he escaped using a mixture of science fiction and fantasy in any medium he could grasp. Over the last few shameful decades, he accidentally became a hardened TV professional and award-winning script writer, developing a grubby sitcom for an American network, shorts shown in dingy English pubs and glittering international film festivals and full length features with geek favourites attached. He decided to create the world of The Wonder as a novel when he discovered the reader\'s imagination had both the cheapest and richest effects budget.

    Año de Edición2016
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    TítuloThe Wonder Book One

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