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Top Performance in Business and Sports

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    Top Performance in Business and Sports
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    More and more people nowadays feel stressed out. In many cases this even leads to burnout. They feel empty, they cannot go on anymore, they are without motivation, power, and joy. Over the past ten years, the number of people suffering from this state of exhaustion has quintupled in Germany and more than one third of the work force feels that way. In addition, 79% of them show signs of stress and are unable to relax after hours.

    A similar situation can be seen in sports: The athletes dream of winning titles, they need success as a means of approval of personal strength. In addition, top-performance sports have become much more financially lucrative. All of this has led to rising mental and physical demands. Due to this, athletes experience more exhaustion, extreme performance fluctuations, mood swings, and often inexplicable injuries.

    This book provides tips on how to improve your quality of life and performance, and how to stay healthy and productive by recognizing and correcting biochemical disorders at an early stage. With an optimal supply of energy, many of these symptoms of overload can be avoided. Many international top athletes (Olympic champions, World and European champions) have been profiting from these findings for the past few years and are able to train - pain- and injury-free - on a higher level of performance.

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    TítuloTop Performance in Business and Sports
    SubtítuloMaximum Energy for Professionals and Athletes
    AutorElmar Wienecke
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    Prof. Dr. Elmar Wienecke is a P.E. teacher and sports scientist. He received his doctorate from the German Sport University Cologne in the faculty for sports medicine/cardiology/training theory and kinetics. His own negative experience in sports led to an early invalidity. After that, he started his career as a soccer coach. In 1989, he received the training license for the Bundesliga. He ended his work as a soccer coach with 33 years and founded SALUTO, the internationally acclaimed center of excellence for health and fitness in Germany. SALUTO is a combination of medical services, diagnostics, science and research.

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