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U.S. Entering The Great War: 1917-1918

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    U.S. Entering The Great War: 1917-1918
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    This eBook edition of "U.S. Entering The Great War: 1917-1918" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
    America's entry into the World War in April 1917 presented the United States Army with its greatest challenge in the nation's history. This book examines the U.S. Army's involvement in the Great War from the declaration of war on 6 April 1917 through the initial phase of the German Spring Offensive in March?April 1918. Finally, this book is enriched with the official documents of the U.S. Government from the Fist World War.
    Strategic Setting
    The U.S. Army Before the War
    American Military and Civilian Leadership
    The Amalgamation Debate
    Mobilization of Manpower
    Building the AEF, 1917
    American Soldiers Begin Arriving
    Training the AEF
    Men and Materiel in the AEF
    The War Department: Challenges and Reform
    Strategic Crisis on the Western Front
    The AEF Joins the Fight
    Official Documents of the U.S. Government from the Great War
    Official Positions of Principal Persons Mentioned in the Correspondence
    The Continuation and Further Spread of the War?Efforts Toward Peace
    The Continuation of the War?Participation of the United States
    Neutral Rights
    Neutral Duties
    Belligerent Rights and Practice
    Other Problems and Responsibilities

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    TítuloU.S. Entering The Great War: 1917-1918
    SubtítuloHistorical Account of American Preparations and Mobilization for WWI
    AutorEric B. Setzekorn, United States Army, Center of Military History
    Año de Edición2018
    Núm. Páginas11057
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