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Variety ? the Spice of Life

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    Variety ? the Spice of Life
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    Variety truly IS the spice of life in this jam-packed biography of Bernard Atha.
    He recounts some of the pleasures and sorrows of a long and varied life. From dancer to councillor, from the RAF to TV and film actor, Bernard has been involved in the world of theatre and ballet, the arts, Paralympics, sport, and local government to name but a few. He has championed many causes and has been associated with the success of a number of major ventures.
    His overwhelming passion for his home city of Leeds and his keen determination to make it a leading centre for the Arts is admirable and inspiring.
    When asked the secret of his "success", he answers: "Decide what one wants to achieve, find someone who can make it happen, give that person his or her head and sit back and claim personal success!"

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    TítuloVariety ? the Spice of Life
    AutorBernard Peter Atha
    Año de Edición2019
    Núm. Páginas556
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