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War and Geography


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War and Geography
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War is always related to many different aspects, e.g. religion, technology etc. However, one of the aspects of central importance for the history of warfare is geography. The present volume will analyze this interrelationship from several different perspectives. Geography is not only integral to the planning of tactics and strategies, but plays an important role in the outcome of war and its long-term aftermath. Furthermore, the interplay between war and geography is not purely a modern phenomenon but can be traced back through the ages of history. Geography always had the potential of providing an advantage or disadvantage. The aim of the volume is to grant historical perspectives on that special interrelationship in different time periods and regional settings. The purpose is to provide a deeper insight and an interdisciplinary discussion, which will open new perspectives on military history in general and the history of warfare in particular.

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SubtítuloThe Spatiality of Organized Mass Violence
AutorSarah K. Danielsson, Frank Jacob
Año de Edición2017
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