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    "Waverley" is noteworthy not only in being the author's first novel, but also because it gives a fine panorama of an important historic period. The story is written around the Jacobite insurrection of 1745, led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart in the endeavor to place his exiled father upon the English throne. It deals closely with Scotch people and customs.

    Edward Waverley, the hero, is a young English gentleman, prospective heir to his uncle's large estate. As a means of completing his education, he is sent with a captain's commission to join the regiment of Colonel Gardiner, stationed in Scotland. Affairs in camp not being of warlike nature at this time, he obtains an extended leave of absence, to visit his uncle's friend, Bradwardine, baron of an estate at Tully-Veolan. Several weeks are spent with the worthy old Scotch veteran and his pretty daughter, Rose. At this juncture the baron's cattle are driven off by Donald Bean Lean's band of freebooters, and a "go-between" visits the baron to obtain "blackmail" for their return ...

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    AutorSir Walter Scott, Andrew Lang
    Año de Edición2014
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